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Chamber News

February 2018 Meeting Minutes


Pam Petteys, Kim Romano, Jeff Wilson, Linda Merlino

Call to order 11:41 AM

Previous meeting minutes:  Motion by Linda 2nd Kim, all in favor

Treasurer’s report:  Motion by Linda, 2ndPam, all in favor

Old Business:

  • Concert schedule 2018  - have had a few inquiries about playing in the park.  We will have a meeting next week to listen to bands and make a decision on the schedule.  
  • Fishing contest update -  The Hunting Club will be helping out, Dave Porter will get the fish from Bob’s Bait, Dan Waterhouse will cook the hot dogs and chili,  Greg Novatarski will donate the hot dogs and rolls.  We have spoons, cups, hot chocolate, napkins, ketchup and mustard to use.  Trophies are all ready and the Hunting Club donated prizes (3 fishing poles).  

New Business:

  • Music Center gala will be Saturday Aug 4th.  

Motion to adjourn 12:34pm byPam  2ndKim, all in favor

Next meetingMarch 14, 2018 at Hadley General Store

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